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Activity three: Track and Field Games in 2015
Jan 14, 2016 05:36 PM Admin  审核人:   (Access:)

Activity three: Track and Field Games  in 2015

The Track and Field Games of Chengdu University of Information Technology was held in Airport Campus in  October 30 to 31, the members of Logistics College Student Union and the  athletes  attended the games.

School of Logistics was awarded a score of 98 out of the second group。Lianzhe Ati ,a students ,were crushed. This achievement has a milestone, not only broke the Logistics Institute team scores sixth year of record, also witnessed the rise of Logistics Institute was established as a college only a few years. Games on this, the hearts of all the logistics students who gather together, collusion, demonstrating an indomitable spirit of forging ahead in harmony. Student Youth League School of Logistics plays an indispensable role as logistics services team, they meticulous, quiet dedication to the athletes into the warm power. Sports no boundaries, regardless of sport you and me, the spirit of the current games will continue to pass along, Logistics Institute will make unremitting ahead, continue to work hard!

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