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E-commerce Department
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About E-commerce Department
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E-Business Program (B.M)

Program Overview

The Bachelor of Management (B.M)majored in E-Business Program at CUIT allows students master the management concepts and E-commerce technology skill—the new business mode in Internet. Electronic Business is an emerging business environment that provides common business services multimedia content publishing and secure interactive web sites by integrating back-end and front-end applications. The program below develops the knowledge and skills necessary for linked organizations in the new millennium.

Program Duration

4 years (Full time). Offer Bachelor degree of management majored in E-business.

Main Objective

*      The Electronics-Business major train the student with the necessary practical tenets of E-business management and marketing; have solid computer skills and Internet technology of software development; be able to figure out planning and operation of E-commercial enterprises.

*      Provide a student with a series of coordinated physics and e-business course so as to provide preparation for an administrative career in an electronically oriented business enterprise. The program also provides sufficient preparation for further studies leading to the Master of Business Administration or other master degree.

*      Raise professional understanding and public awareness of technical and ethical challenges.

*      Promote informed public policies on science and technology in national and global arenas.

*      Contribute to the international exchange of ideas in the field of Business Marketing Science and Technology.


The state of the business world today is such that a major portion of its administrative effort must be geared to the supervision of persons engaged in complex technological processes often involving applications of electronics. As a consequence the ideal administrator is now one who is conversant with both good business practice and technological know-how. It also provides graduates with the education and skills necessary to be accountants in public practice commerce and industry and the public sector. It provides a sound qualification for careers in business and management.

Career Prospects

*               Student will be able to entry into the electronic business & commerce sectors to provide integrating information and telecommunication technologies the Internet and the World Wide Web and business models that incorporate security privacy and legal issues.

*               Students will help companies reach new markets operate e-marketing around the clock shorten the product-development cycle enhance customer service reduce or eliminate inventory related costs and create enterprise links – all at lower costs.

*               Students will have skills in areas such as electronic commerce infrastructure new business initiatives law and security electronic payment financial services and interactive marketing.

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