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Chengdu University of Information Technology, School of Logistics
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Overview  Apr 23, 2019
        In order to meet the urgent need for talents for the development of e-commerce and modern logistics industry in Sichuan Province and the country, College of Logistics was founded in May 2013 by integrating the advantages of former disciplines and specialties namely E-Commerce, Logistics Management, Logistics Engineering, Engineering Management, and Information Management and Information System.... [More]
        At 2:00 pm on December 26, 2018, the Jingdong class internship created by our school to train talents has been successfully completed. The college carried out a summary meeting in the Second Church. At the meeting, there were the leaders of the colleges such as Secretary Gong Xiaolin, Vice President Peng Yu, and Mr. Wang Fei, the school-enterprise cooperation manager of Beijing East-West Compan... [More]
        At 12:30 on February 28th, 2019, we welcome the teachers and students of engineering management, information management and information system to join the logistics college. Our institute held a meeting of logistics colleges in the 3201 academic lecture hall. Xie Qingming, party secretary of the logistics college Shi Li, Dean of the School of Logistics, and Liu Chenghua, Vice President of the S... [More]
YU CHEN  Feb 28, 2016
        YU CHEN [More]
GUO Xiao-lin  Feb 28, 2016
        GUO Xiao-lin [More]

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 About | News & Events | Faculty & staff | Programs | Research | Campus life