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Jingdong Class Internship Summary Conference
Apr 9, 2019 06:47 PM     (Access:)

At 2:00 pm on December 26, 2018, the Jingdong class internship created by our school to train talents has been successfully completed. The college carried out a summary meeting in the Second Church. At the meeting, there were the leaders of the colleges such as Secretary Gong Xiaolin, Vice President Peng Yu, and Mr. Wang Fei, the school-enterprise cooperation manager of Beijing East-West Company.

After a short three-day internship, everyone in Jingdong Class has grown up and has a different experience. The classmates were divided into six groups to show the problems, solutions and their own experiences in the group internship.

Later, Gong Xiaolin, secretary of the Party branch of the college, first said to the students who participated in the internship: "The most important thing that this internship brings to you is the mental training. If you understand, it will be the wealth of your life." The secretary expressed his gratitude to the representative of Jingdong Company who was present: "Thank you for the cooperation between the school and the enterprise that we have never lost." We wish us better development."

Next, Mr. Wang Fei, the school-enterprise cooperation manager of Beijing East-West Company, came to the stage and said: “First of all, I would like to thank the school for its support for the school-enterprise cooperation and congratulate the students for their perfect end. The students’ report summary surprised me and I was very happy to see it. Your growth, this time is short, Jingdong will provide you with more opportunities to exercise yourself in the future."

Finally, the leaders of the college and the leaders of the Beijing East-West Company jointly presented the awards to the top three teams of the internship and took a group photo.

I believe that no matter whether they win or not, they can learn a lot from what they can't learn from textbooks or theory. The youngest son is getting a good road. Like Fusang, the logistics students are a strong team. I hope that they will go further and further in the future and realize their dreams.

                                                                            Weriten by Qian Xin Feng Jiawei

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